Strawberry American Donuts

Want to make real American donuts? Why are you waiting for taking some essential ingredients which are given below and start preparing your delicious strawberry American donuts

Strawberry american donuts


  • Flour 500 gram
  • Milk powder 10 gram
  • Sugar 70 gram
  • Egg 1 piece
  • East 12 gram
  • Oil 40 gram
  • Specific amount of Water
  • Specific amount Strawberry filling
  • Specific amount white chocolate
  • The particular amount of Strawberry food color


  1. 1st take all ingredients and mix all of them with flour (except strawberry filling) and make a leaven. Then cover that prepared leaven in a bowl, wait for 6-12 min.
  2. Now take that leaven and put it into the bread maker, press it correctly, take a heart shape cutter, and cut this leaven with that cutter. It will turn into a heart.
  3. Now take a baking sheet and spread some flour on the baking sheet. Now gently keep all heart shape leaven on the baking sheet.
  4. Now, please wait for 5 min then fry all of them with hot oil.
  5. put the strawberry filling middle of the donuts
  6. now take some white chocolate, and strawberry food color then mix them properly
  7. Finally, put that mix on donuts, and it’s time to serve.

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