What Is the Most Reliable Super Automatic Espresso Machine for 2021?

most reliable super automatic espresso machine
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Any coffee aficionado will know the amount of work that can go into a freshly-brewed shot of caffeine, especially if you’re doing everything manually. Weighing the beans, grinding them, heating the water – we sure have our work cut out.

We have seen the rise of automatic espresso machines, but even that’s not fully automated and doesn’t allow for a lot of control. Enter super-automatic machines with their fully automated workflow.

But you probably already know about them. The query is, how do you choose the most reliable super automatic espresso machine? That’s what we’ll be helping you with on this article, so let’s get going.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Automatic Espresso Machine for You?

Automatic espresso machines are costly, and there’s no skipping that fact. Hence, you need to be wary about the one you choose and whether it will fulfill all your requirements. Here are the most crucial factors when trying to choose the right one.

Amount of Control

cheapest super automatic espresso machine
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Wasn’t the whole point of getting a product like this to get rid of manual hassles? And you’d be right to think of it that way. However, there are some things that you should be able to control. 

For instance, it can provide you with the ability to control the beans’ grind – making them coarser or finer. And since it is a crucial step in getting a quality output, this functionality can surely come in handy.

Furthermore, many products have control to determine how strong the shot will be because it relies on the user’s preference. And that’s why having a say on how things go can come in handy.

Steaming Milk

If your caffeine endeavors include lattes or cappuccinos, it would undoubtedly help to have a product that can steam and froth the milk for you. Otherwise, you’d need to have another device for that purpose.


Although a super-automatic machine sounds like it wouldn’t require much maintenance, things are unfortunately different. While you will not have to clean it every few days like some other machines, it still can be a headache.

Therefore, you should try to opt for a product with more removable parts and a design that allows for effortless cleaning. If not, your cleaning session might end up being a pain in the neck.

Does a Super Automatic Espresso Machine Make a Good Coffee?

most affordable espresso machine
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Many users are skeptical about the quality of the coffee these products deliver, and it’s understandable. And that especially applies to people who generally have had their coffee made manually, as they quite rationally think that the product won’t reach that quality.

How Super Automatic Espresso Machines Achieve Impressive Results

A good shot of espresso (or whichever one you prefer) would require a few things at the fundamental level. For instance, that contains a remarkable balance between proper heat, heating duration, grind quality, flavor, etc.

And that’s where these products can prove their worth – consistency and preciseness. These machines will control the temperature to a granular level, grind and tamp the beans flawlessly, and achieve a suitable duration for a good result.

Furthermore, things get even better if you can control their settings. That would mean you can achieve the same quality and richness over and over again, without failure.

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Why Philips Automatic Is the Most Affordable Espresso Machine?

It’s not easy to throw around the word ‘affordable’ when even the cheapest super automatic espresso machine can be somewhat costly. Therefore, the product needs to fulfill some criteria to earn its worth.

We think it’s not enough to have a cheaper price tag to achieve that title – even products with subpar quality could do that. It needs to give you upper-tier quality (or in the same ballpark) – better controls, remarkable flavor, ease of usage, and the list would keep going on.

Milk Frother

Frothing milk is an essential step for anyone that likes milk with their coffee. If your machine doesn’t come with one, you’d have to spend more to get a frother.

Fortunately, products from Philips’ automatic line-up come with quality frothers to give you that richness.


Having some form of control over your coffee’s grind is essential, which has a significant impact on the result. These machines come with excellent adjustment systems, allowing you to control how fine or coarse the grind should be.


Many premium products fail to ensure a straightforward and effortless cleaning system. As a result, it gets trickier for the user to clean things up – be it right from starting to taking off the parts or afterward.

These products ensure two impressive aspects – the first one is the automatic descaling feature, which ensures a good taste over time. Moreover, they can provide thousands of cups before requiring any descaling.


Of course, price is still at the forefront when talking about affordability. If you want the most affordable espresso machine, a Philips automatic espresso machine is an excellent choice.

Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine – Our Recommendation

It’s not much of a surprise that the product we chose as the best option comes from Philips. This espresso machine strikes the perfect balance between reliability and affordability. So, let’s get to know this product a bit better.

Grinding Beans

A feature that many users overlook is the ability to control the grind, as we said earlier. This process significantly affects the overall flavor. And luckily, this product comes with a 12-step grinder adjustment for better tweaking.

This way, you can have the coffee beans catered to your taste, however coarse or fine you prefer. And as long as we’re on the topic of grinders – it comes with high-quality, durable ceramic grinders that provide excellent flavor coupled with the aroma seal to keep things fresh.


You get even more controls apart from the grind settings, too. For one, there are three settings for aroma strength and three more for temperature, which allows for further control and a better experience.

Moreover, there’s an intuitive touch display that is relatively effortless to figure out. Hence, controlling every bit of the product becomes much more straightforward, even for users new to this category.


Many super-automatic espresso machines fail to provide their users with an easy enough method to clean everything. This product does wonders regarding cleaning too. For one, it comes with dishwasher-safe parts, which are surprisingly easy to wash and clean.

Moreover, taking the parts out should also be pretty effortless, even if you’re a beginner. Now, another impressive bit is the automatic descaling feature. As you know, the coffee’s taste can take a hit if there’s a lack of descaling.

There’s not much you can do to get the old flavor back as long as you don’t go through the descaling process. Fortunately, this machine does that automatically – it makes sure that you don’t need to clean things up as often.

Lastly, the removable brew group takes things one step further in terms of keeping things squeaky clean.

Other Features

This product is packed with features, as you can tell by now. One such feature is the milk frother, the inclusion of which allows you to skip on buying a separate device for that purpose.

And it can give you precisely the type of coffee you want with a savory flavor. So, this indeed is the complete package.


  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Automatic descaling feature
  • Quality ceramic grinders
  • Milk frother included
  • Intuitive and straightforward user interface


  • Its frothing mechanism could be better
  • The crema isn’t as impressive
most reliable super automatic espresso machine
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Brewing your own coffee can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging. And if you intend to do things manually, it could get even trickier. However, super-automatic espresso machines can save the day.

And if you want the most reliable super automatic espresso machine, then the product from Philips is a great choice. Not only do you get it at an affordable price, but it also comes with remarkable features such as temperature control and tweaking the grind.

Paired with its ease of usage and effortless cleaning, this is an espresso machine that screams value.

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