How to Preserve Vegetables and Spices in Proper Way?

preserve vegetables

Peoples go to their work every day they don’t get enough time to do their daily shopping except at the weekend. So people do their whole week shopping at the weekend.

Green vegetable and spice star rotten because of a lack of preservation. Spicy lose their actual smell.

So we need proper preservation steps to keep green vegetables and spices perfect. let’s follow how to preserve vegetables in a perfect way.

Preserve Vegetables

  • Vinegar is an essential element in preserving anything. If you want to keep your vegetable for a long time, put them into vinegar or lemon water for 1 hour. Then put vegetables into the air tighten jar and save them into the refrigerator.
  • It will keep our plants fresh and clean. On the other hand, if we apply vinegar and lemon water on vegetables will be free form formalin or other insecticides, which is really bad for our health.
  • This is another short time vegetable preservation methods. If you want to make your work easier, you could boil vegetables for a moment and then put them into the jar and preserve it into the deep freeze.
  • If you want to protect green spices like coriander leaves, onion leaves, lettuce leaves for a long time, wrap them with paper, and then lock into the freezer.
  • If you want to preserve vegetables like a carrot for a long time, keep them into the refrigerator before preserving them properly and make little slice then put into the jar.
  • To preserve mushroom and tomato properly, always keep them into the paper bag; it will keep them fresh for a long time.
  • So if you follow these five vegetable preservation methods in your daily life, you could keep fresh your preserve vegetables how long you want.

Preserve Spices

Some food specialist advised that the main reason to spoil spices is humidity. Especially powder spicy spoil fast because of moisture. Spices must keep into the air tighten jar.

Always keep spices into the pot after dry it under direct sunlight. If you want to preserve spices for a whole year, you must dry it first and save it into air tighten jar then keep it into the deep freeze.

If you retain paste spices for a long time, scatter some salt on it, and then keep it into a deep freeze.

Spices Preserve Tips

  • When you go to cook, you keep all your essential elements around you. Please don’t take your spices jar beside the stove and keep it away from smoke.
  • Never keep hot spices and cumin seed beside the stove or direct sunlight because sunlight could spoil spices smell. Always try to use a dry and clean spoon to take spices from the jar. If it possible, use a separate spoon for every spice.
  • We always buy lots of potato and onion. So spread it out properly on the plastic jar or bamboo jar. It will keep fresh onion for a long time.
  • We know neem leaves is one kind of herbal leaves. We can use it differently. Always keep neem leaves into rice jar. It will keep insects away from rice jar.
  • Before keeping some powder spices like cumin, coriander, pepper into pot dry them little on the stove, it will stay fresh.
  • If you keep curry leaves and mint leaves for a long time, they will dry and rotten. So always make powder by using a perfect blender and dry them properly then keep into the glass bottle.
  • If you want to keep fresh cashew nuts and pesto nuts for a long time, mix some sugar with them. It is a proper preservation method for these nuts.

Always tied garlic heads properly together before preserving them. It will keep garlic fresh for a long time.

You can use green chili for a long time if you preserve them into the refrigerator. So it will stay fresh at least ten days before keeping them into the freezer throughout its heads.

Ginger is another famous spice for everyday life as well as it has some herbal facts, so if you want to preserve them for a long time, keep them under the sand. Never keep them into the refrigerator; it will turn them dry.

Dry Food Preservation

We need dry food in some situations, that’s why we need to preserve dry food. Dry food means oats, corn flakes, nuts, parched rice, some dry fruit like dates, raisins, biscuits, and much more.

Oats and corn flakes are the best dry food. They contain sugar, protein, and some vitamins. We need only hot water to eat them.

Dry Food Preserve methods

  • We must keep dry food into the glass jar or tin jar. So don’t use any plastic jar. Plastic is always harmful to our health, so we must avoid plastic in our daily life.
  • Before keeping any dry food into the jar, we should dry the pot properly. So it will be free from germs.
  • We must tighten the jar head properly; otherwise, food will spoil by air.
  • Raisins, nuts, and dates could be preserved into the refrigerator.


I always try to eat fresh food. Because preserved food can not maintain proper nutrition all the time, but we don’t get enough time, that’s why we preserve vegetables as well as preserve spices and dry foods. So buy new food when you get time. This article will help how drying affects food nutrition facts.

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