How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder: 6 Easy and Simple Ways

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder

Nothing beats the delicate aroma of the freshly grounded coffee beans to start your day. But wait. What if you do not have a coffee grinder? 

Well, that might seem like a problem at first, but I can assure you that it does not necessarily make much of a difference. After all, you can still grind it with the things that you already have in your kitchen. 

That’s right. Your kitchen tools can do far more than pounding and mixing those spices.

Therefore, we will be discussing not one but six brilliant techniques about how to grind coffee beans without a grinderSo, grab some coffee beans and head right towards your kitchen for some action.

6 Easy Grinding Processes

To make things easy and relatable, we are incorporating the most commonly used tools of your kitchen. So, check out these super-easy techniques discussed below.

1. Mortar and Pestle

grind coffee beans with mortar and pestle

Using a mortar and a pestle is probably the best way to grind coffee beans. The process keeps all the flavors intact and gives super-fine granulates as well. 

So, start by pouring a tiny amount of bean on your mortar. Now, take your pestle in one hand and hold the mortar in place with the other. After that, start pounding the beans and roll in between. 

Carry on with the process and add more. You can stop whenever you are happy with the texture of your coffee. 

2. Food Processor

Although food processors are very easy-going, you have to keep in mind that they are not ideal for working with coffee beans. You see, when the blades of your food processor rotate, heat produces from its motion.

That is why, if you try to achieve a smoother texture, you might end up splitting the oil contents from your beans.

Of course, you will never want that stale taste. And so, do not go too far while grinding. Take little at a time and remove it when you have that coarser texture. 

3. Blender

how to grind coffee beans with blender

Well, you just saw how it works with a food processor. So, why not try it with a blender? Ninja blender could be the perfect grinding machine for you.

Now, if you have a grinder mode on your blender, make sure that you are using that. However, do not panic if you don’t have it. Take a small portion of coffee and put it in the blender jar. 

After that, add more in smaller segments and finish it off. Nonetheless, keep track of the heat inside the jar so that you don’t end up ruining the taste of your coffee. 

4. With a Hammer

grind coffee beans with a hammer

What is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you think about pounding or crushing something? 

You got it right. A hammer! 

So, for the starters, pack your coffee beans in a packet or a bag. That will make sure that you are not splashing coffee all over your kitchen. 

Now, take the hammer and carefully pound the beans. Make sure to give it a mix in between and complete the process thereby. 

5. A Knife

Alright. Now it is getting weird. Am I telling you to grind your coffee beans with a typical kitchen knife? Well, here is what you need to do to make it work.

Grab a couple of baking sheets and place the beans between them. Now, keeping the flat surface of the knife parallel to the counter, start breaking the beans.

Think of it like crushing garlic cloves. Also, remember to press it against the beans firmly for a better result.

6. Rolling Pin

grind coffee beans with rolling pin

Hold it right there. We have not finished yet. Did you know that you can grind your coffee beans with a rolling pin? Trust me. The results are astonishing. 

Take a plastic bag and fill half of it with your coffee beans. Now, grab your rolling pin and pound them until breaking them into smaller chunks. After that, place your bag on the counter and roll it with the pin to achieve a smooth powdery texture.

So, next time, don’t just use them to roll out that pastry dough. Grind some coffee beans to top them off with some espresso shots instead.

Final Note

Did you realize that you had been underestimating your kitchen tools for your whole life? Well, now that you know how to grind coffee beans without a grinder, you will be using these tools much often.

Nevertheless, you no longer have to spend those extra bucks after a coffee grinder. So, pick any method you like and don’t forget to add loads of love and patience. After all, that is what will make your coffee the most comforting.

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