How to Cook Colorful Vermicelli Dessert?

Vermicelli is a mouthwatering dessert. People like to cook it in different occasions like birthday parties, even in every celebration. There have different types of Vermicelli. We get two different colors, White and Brown. In this dessert, I used a white one. Here I cooked two layers of colorful vermicelli dessert. 1st layer is green, and the 2nd layer is white. I also used some jello and Dry fruits.


  • White vermicelli one packet
  •  Milk powder three teaspoons
  •  Suger four teaspoons
  •  Liquid milk 2 cup
  •  Butter 1/3 cup
  •  Green food color three drop
  •  Corn flour /starch 1 teaspoons

How to cook

1st step

Take butter and put them in a nonstick pan because we should careful butter could burn on other pans, so here we will use an only nonstick pan. After melting butter, mix the vermicelli, milk powder, and two teaspoons sugar. Then mix these three ingredients and cook them 2 /3 minutes in medium power. After 3 minutes, put fried vermicelli in a bowl.

2nd step:

Take 2 cup liquid milk in a nonstick pan add three drops of green food color. Then add cornflour, and two teaspoons sugar. Cook this mixer 3/4 minutes. When it became a thick gravy, please take it in a serving dish. Make sure the bowl should flat. When the gravy turns into room temperature, make the 2nd layer with vermicelli. And decorate it with dry fruit and jello. Now its time to enjoy the vermicelli dessert.

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