How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Baking Soda? Coffee Experts Idea

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Baking Soda

Are you a coffee lover? Then you might also love making coffee from your perfectly brewed beans with a coffee maker. 

But, what if all those constant usages left quite an amount of build-up on to the cup of your coffee maker?

Trust me; your coffee is not going taste any good even with the slightest tint of that.

Of course, proper cleansing can ensure its quality, but detergents and other cleansers are quite expensive. Moreover, they don’t do that much of a great job either.

However, there are some amazing alternatives to these cleansers, and that is exactly what I am going to discuss today.

So, stay tuned as I am going to let you know how to clean a coffee maker with baking soda. 

Why Baking Soda is Effective For Cleaning

can you clean a coffee maker with baking soda

When I told you that you should use baking soda for cleaning your coffee maker, you might have been a bit confused about how it’s going to help you.

Well, baking soda is far more versatile than you thought it to be. Besides, many features make baking soda a brilliant option to choose from. So, let’s take a look at some of these exciting features.

Remove Coffee Stains

how to clean a coffee maker with baking soda

An attractive feature of baking soda is its amazing power of removing the coffee stains. Expert says this cleaning method and cleaning tips is most effective than other cleaning methods.

You might have seen other uses of baking soda, where it is specifically used for removing coffee stains from cups and glasses.

Take the removal of stains from fabrics, for example. Let’s admit, we all have tried out those DIY hacks, right?

Well, the same goes for your coffee maker. Constant usage tan to leave pretty harsh stains on the cup of the coffee machine.

Therefore, the alkaline power of baking soda works fast on these coffee stains and gives you a quick and satisfactory result.

Remove Grease

how to clean coffee maker with baking powder

Just like removing the stains, baking soda is also very good at removing grease. The key ingredient is the same as before, which is its alkaline property.

Now, you might think how is that supposed to relate to cleaning a coffee maker, right? Well, I suggest you check your machine all over again.

You will probably notice a decent amount of grease patches beneath the cup this time. Trust me; it looks very gross.

So, what you can do to get rid of those tacky patches is applying baking soda onto it. It’s cheap and easy, and what’s more is that the results are super effective.

Remove Odor

how to clean a coffee carafe with baking soda

It is one of the most common usages of baking soda without any doubt. You have seen using it onto the old rugs and curtains, didn’t you? Well, the technique is applied for coffee maker. 

When you are using the device for a long time, a type of pungent smell takes place, which is quite disturbing.

Therefore, using baking soda while cleaning it up can deal with that smell very easily.

Also, Don’t forget to checkout the espresso machine cleaning procedure at home.

Steps of Cleaning With Baking Soda

how to clean coffee maker with lemon juice

Now that we have learned why to use baking soda, the question is how to clean a coffee maker with baking soda? 

Well, take a look at these quick and easy steps to guide you for a perfect cleaning session.

Prepare Your Solution

how to clean a coffee maker with bleach

Before starting anything else, you have to make the solution properly. For that, you will need to have a handful of things.

Firstly, take one liter of hot water into a container. After that, mix one to two spoons full of baking powder and stir it up.

The amount might increase or decrease depending on the volume of your machine.

Initial Cleansing

Take out whatever is left on the machine and get rid of all those dry residues. After that, you are ready to pour your solution into it.

For the initial round, pour a decent amount of solution and keep it there for a while.

This will help the baking soda to break down all the particles that causing the dirt and odor. You can also try brewing it for better results.

Thorough Washing

how to clean braun coffee maker

After the initial washing, it is time for you to separate the parts of your coffee machine and start with the deep cleansing.

For this, carefully take out the small parts and dip them into the solution.

Take the filter and generously put your solution all over the coffee machine. After that, use a brush or a sponge to rub and take out all the dirt and grease. Apply the same procedure with other parts as well.

When you are dealing with the container, try giving it a nice shake after filling it up with the solution. Later, repeat the same technique.

Rinse It Up

how to clean coffee maker with baking powder

You are all done with taking out the dirt and grease. Now, it is time for you to give your coffee maker a nice shower.

Take the parts one at a time and rinse them off with plain running clean water. Be gentle and try not to leave any trace of the solution behind. This step will ensure you get rid of all the dirt and odor.

External Cleansing

Good work! You have almost reached the end by now. At this stage, take the brush, sponge, or whatever tool you were using and dip it into the solution. Squeeze off the excess and rub it gently on the external surface.

Don’t forget to take them off by swiping a damp cloth over it. And there you have it.

Your nice and clean coffee maker shining like the day you bought it for the first time.

How Baking Soda Clean Coffee Maker

How Baking Soda Clean Coffee Maker

Now that we have discussed so many aspects of cleaning with baking soda, you might be thinking about what the secret behind its work is.

Well, there are some interesting facts about it which instigates the cleaning property.

As you know, baking soda has a mild alkaline property. So, it gets dissolved into the water pretty quickly.

Thus, when you apply this solution onto the dirt, it works on the acidic particles and breaks them down.

Therefore, when you rinse the entire thing at the end, all those neutralized molecules start to come off with the flowing clean water.

Similarly, the exact thing happens to all those build-ups of your coffee maker as well.

And this is how the baking soda takes away all the dirt and impurities from your coffee maker and leaves a fresh and satisfactory result for you.

Extra Care:

Always try to clean your coffee machine two times in a week. You should clean all removable parts every day after using the machine. Once parts removed scrub with a toothbrush. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the machine durable.

If you want you can use a vinegar solution or lemon juice as a cleaning process. Lemon juice is a natural element it has extra cleaning power because it contains citric acid. 

Take some soapy water and scrub in the stains by the soft sponge or soft cloths.

Easily lemon juice cleans coffee stains and disinfects. Besides these, there are lots of coffee maker cleaning products available in the market you can get anyone or if you think all of these cleaning processes are difficult for you you can call a cleaning agent.

Final Notes

how to clean coffee maker with vinegar

Now that you know how to clean a coffee maker with baking soda, you can try it out and share your thoughts with your friends and family.

I am sure everyone will love it. And why not? It’s cheap, available and quick. There is no way that they aren’t going to like it.

So, let go of your same old boring detergents that took away all your budget, leaving unsatisfactory results.

Instead, try these cool techniques and save that money for something better.

Finally, want to know more Kitchen tips and tricks? Looking for extra benefits of baking soda? Here is your answer.


How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Bleach?

Be careful bleach is one kind of dangerous chemical and completely unsafe to use. Although if you use bleach to clean the coffee maker you could deep clean your coffee machine.

You could use bleach outside of the machine for cleaning purposes. If you apply bleach inside of the coffee machine it could damage your coffee makers important elements because bleach doesn’t dry properly inside of the machine and it could reach harm inner parts as well as it is dangerous for human’s lungs. So remember it always clean outside of the coffee maker and the carafe with bleach. 

How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Lemon Juice?

Lemon juice has lots of citric acids. Cleaning with lemon juice and white vinegar process is the same.  Fill the water reservoir one third with lemon juice and fill additional space with fresh water. 

Do a brewing cycle as usual to clean the coffee machine. You must do it with freshwater do not use any soapy water.

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