Top 5 Best Blender for Protein Shakes: Review and Buying Guide

Best Blender for Protein Shakes

For regular workouts, protein shakes are indeed a progressive dietary option. You know that, right? And that’s why you’re searching for the best suitable blender for you.

Without a doubt, you can ensure perfect protein intake with drinkable shakes.

That’s where you’ll need a good model of blender, particularly for shakes. Intended for a specific use, you don’t need to go through all the available options.

Right here, we reviewed the best blenders for protein shakes. With any of them, you can start living a healthy life without breaking the budget, for sure.

So, why late? Just have a cup of coffee and explore all the awesome personal blenders that will let you have the best protein shake.


nutribullet pro blender

NutriBullet Pro
  • Compact Size
  • Powerful Motor
  • Durable Action
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nutribullet blender combo

NutriBullet Blender Combo
  • Incredible Power
  • Steel Extracting Blade
  • Higher Capacity
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Nutri Ninja professional Personal Blender

Ninja Personal Blender
  • Sleek Design
  • Pulsing Function
  • Convenient Capacity
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Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen
  • Super Powerful Motor
  • Quality Material
  • Larger Size
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Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender

Hamilton Beach SoundShield
  • Premium Quality
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Noise Reducing System
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Find your Best Blender for Protein Shakes

We toiled much to make this top most protein shake blender list. Based on intensive research, we have come out with this product list of Best blender for making protein shakes.

We also took into consideration the user experience. Let’s explore the new world of protein shake blenders!

1. NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender

nutribullet pro blender

Make the most out of daily ingredients every time using the professional single-serve blender. The compact & optimized system lets you personalize to the full extent.

Just load with dense whole foods, and you’ll get silky smoothies. Optimizing the potentials, the transformed shakes are easy to digest & absorb.

The supercharged extractor is ready to deliver nutrition regarding protein shakes. Through powerful blending action, it preps skippable nutrition in no time.

Thanks to its intuitive design, the entire operation remains incredibly easy. There’s no hassle to take place. Just push, twist, blend, remove – it’s like that for the gear.

Rinsing soap & water will wipe out all the residual perfectly. Using the included 13 pieces, blending for nutrition gets to its peak right here.

This ultra-portable powerful blender could be the best food processor for smoothies in your everyday life.

Features & Benefits of NutriBullet Pro

Powerful Motor Action

The built-in robust motor imparts great blending efficiency. In fact, it features an enormous 900 Watt system. It’s ready to break down even the toughest grains.

For the cup capacity, it measures a convenient 32 ounces. Therefore, you can attain a good amount of smoothies at once.

High Quality Materials

With stainless steel, the nutribullet extractor blade ensures a smooth, powerful & delicate cut. Thanks to its cyclonic action, the featured blade can take down whole foods.

For the plastic cups, there comes no BPA or harmful ingredient. Its durable quality can withstand the blending action over years of use.

Simple Effective Design

All the 13 included pieces have a simple design against supreme functionality. Through an intuitional built, it eases the overall handling & operation.

It optimizes extracting potential for the entire blending process. Simple push & twist keeps everything simple. You can go for frequent applications for food every day.

Excellent Food Suitability

As mentioned, it is capable of taking down even the toughest one. Whether its veggies, fruits, nuts, or seeds, you’ll have the perfect protein shake.

All it takes 60 seconds to prepare a silky blend that is easy to absorb & digest. It easily transforms high-fiber whole foods into nutrient-dense smoothies.

Incredible Easy Cleanups

Using the Pro blender, you’ll receive health without hassle. After twisting off the nutribullet blades, it just requires a proper rinse with soapy water.

Thus, all the stuck residuals inside the frame will come off in no time. You better put the plastics on top dishwasher rack.

  • Powerful motor for higher efficiency.

  • Refined extraction of food nutrients.

  • Excellent cutting for all whole foods.

  • Durable action with quality material.

  • Essential design for the full package.

  • Compact size, simple assembling fit.

  • Easy to clean & maintenance facility.

  • Difficulty in blending frozen foods.

  • Slight smoothie leakage may occur.

  • Blending sound is pretty annoying.

2. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

nutribullet blender combo

The versatile blender combo reveals the next higher level of nutrient extraction. Through a combined functionality of two different tools, it ensures optimum performance.

Apart from the singular serving cup, you’ll get the output of using an individual multipurpose pitcher. The complete pack includes nine particular pieces to satisfy your blending demands.

Incredibly high power for the integrated motor ensures precise action all the way. It allows you to make an endless array of different tasteful smoothies.

For the flexible countertop blender, it turns ordinary foods into nutrition-rich shakes. With several customizations, the best blender for milkshakes lets you enjoy full maneuverability.

With an effective design, the overall combo is ready to last for years. The hand-free cleaning wipes out residuals to induce a healthy blending platform.

Features & Benefits of NutriBullet Combo

Versatile and Precision Act

The high-end combo machine certainly serves your daily purpose quite well. It features the versatile functionality of one pitcher & a serving cup.

Using the multipurpose pitcher, you can easily attain a nutritional protein shake. Thanks to an effortless switching, it delivers precise action for full-sized blending.

Superb Blending Power

The integrated motor is incredibly powerful to induce further efficiency. With superb cuts, it ensures optimum, consistent rotation for the built-in nutribullet extractor blade.

The 1200 Watt base is ready to break down anything in its path. Through a cyclonic action, the system requires less running time for making smoothies.

Durable Solid Materials

All the blender materials impart unrivaled durability against frequent uses. The nutribullet extractor blade has solid steel built. No rust or damage is likely to occur over the years.

Both pitchers & cups have an enduring, safe plastic body. Without any BPA, the assembly bears no potential threat to human health.

Maneuverable Function

It just takes a simple press on the button to have your protein shake. The system includes customizable features to trigger complete user control.

There come three different settings for the blending speed itself. Its built-in extracting program has a pulsing function to ensure further personalization.

Advantageous Cleaning

The simple maintenance allows you to maintain a healthy blending action. Wiping out the residuals, you can obviously enhance the overall longevity.

For the pitcher & cups, you just need to rinse them, keeping in a dishwasher. The extracting nutribullet blades need soapy water regrading a proper cleanup.


  • Higher capacity for multiple servings.
  • Precise cut with steel extracting blade.
  • Incredible power, excellent efficiency.
  • Delicious output from ordinary foods.
  • Full control over handling, operation.
  • Recipe book ensures tasty smoothies.
  • Easy clean through soapy water rinse.


  • Loud noise for blending action.
  • Stainless Steel blades aren’t replaceable.
  • Limited cup sizes for the pack.

3. Nutri Ninja Professional Personal Blender

Nutri Ninja professional Personal Blender

Daily protein shake comes in no time to fit a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Ninja Fit allows you to enjoy more fruits & veggies easily.

Its superb extraction technique is capable of getting all the hidden nutrients. Not to mention, the efficient system can handle whole & tough veggies/fruits.

For its built-in motor, a reasonable 700 Watt packs sufficient blending power. Breaking down the whole food pretty quickly, the protein shake prep requires no expertise.

It also features a pulsing technology to deal with icy, frozen ingredients. The extracted drink loaded with vitamins, nutrients is highly absorbable & digestible.

The overall assembly is dishwasher safe, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free cleanup. Thanks to its slim design, easy storage prevails without wasting spaces.

Features & Benefits of Nutri Ninja Professional

Efficient Powering Pod

When it comes to base power, it’s neither too low or too high here. With a reasonable rating, the integrated motor ensures acceptable blending functionality.

In fact, the pod features a 700 Watt motor to impart reasonable speed. Despite taking a bit longer time to blend, it certainly does the job well.

Great Extracting Ability

Thanks to its modern action, the blender easily takes down the ingredients. Using the pulsing technique, the blade can handle icy, frozen & tough foods.

Its high-end blade extracts all the major & minor nutrients to the best extent. Whether you have hard fruits, leafy veggies, or dairy products – it covers all perfectly.

Superb Material Quality

The built-in slicing blades are of high-quality, robust stainless steel. Without any rust, breakage, or stain, all blade parts will definitely serve for years.

For other holding parts, it has a durable plastic frame. Containing no harmful chemicals, the entire system maintains a healthy blending platform.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Both assembly & disassembly are pretty simple, quick & friendly. Light pushing inside the pod readies the blade to start blasting through.

All the featured parts are completely dishwasher safe. You’ll face no difficulty in cleaning the essential parts loaded with residual smoothies.

Full Blending Package

It’s indeed the ultimate solution for daily blending needs for protein shakes. Although the functionality is limited to blending only, it ensures the best output.

There come two serving cups, each having a convenient 16-ounce capacity. And the to-go lid is ready to fit almost any cup holder.


  • Thorough process for blending action.
  • Enduring framework with a sleek design.
  • Convenient capacity of included cups.
  • Reasonable power with an efficient motor.
  • Easy breaking of tough, icy food items.
  • Superb blend through pulsing function.
  • Dishwasher safety allows simple clean.


  • High time requirement for blending.
  • No customizable feature is available.
  • Only delivers blending functionality.

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This is the best ninja bl770 blender for protein shakes you must buy because of its professional performance & superb output, the high-quality extractor completes your kitchen. The mega system will certainly meet all your daily drink & meal requirements.

The basic blending action features an incredibly powerful 1500 Watt motor. Apart from food processing, you can get optimal efficiency for crushing ice and other frozen items.

Using its unique total crushing technique, an unbeatable pulverization triggers a quick breaking. Blending your favorite ingredients takes no longer than 30 seconds here.

The ninja blender XL sized assembly has increased capacity to ensure better tasting. Thanks to its integrated dough blade, the tool extracts nutrients & vitamins to the full extent.

For the serving cups, the processing bowl delivers perfect blending support. Through multiple manual programs, you can obviously enjoy supreme personalization.

Features & Benefits of Ninja bl770 Mega Kitchen

Incredibly Powerful Motor

With an enormous motor rating, it simply outruns all common models. In fact, the functional base includes a powerful 1500 Watt motor.

An increased, more efficient chopping action inside the cups prevails all the way. The blending action easily goes through the foods thoroughly to extract everything.

Durable Material Quality

The featured dough blades have stainless steel figures. No rust or stain will occur to lessen its lifespan. With superior sharpness, its rotation crushes anything in its path.

All other visible parts have robust, high-quality plastic construction. Without any BPA contamination, the system keeps your foods healthy all along.

Enhanced Blending Ability

Regarding a maximum processing amount, the pack intentionally includes large-sized gears. Although huge shape has an issue with storage, it completes the task at once.

There comes one 64oz bowl for the included pair of 16oz cup smoothies. With the crushing pitcher, you’ll receive an outstanding ninja 72 oz pitcher.

Versatile Crushing Action

The powerful system includes a unique, effective Total Crushing Technology. With the motor, it ensures unbeatable performance to blast through icy, tough foods.

Its pulverizing action can handle whole fruits & veggies right out of the fridge. And within seconds, you’ll have your intended shakes, smoothies, dips, or sauces.

Customizing Functionality

You’ll get sufficient maneuverability to create a fully personalized blending system. In fact, the machine comes with five particular settings for customization.

It triggers to ensure optimum versatility using the functionality of reversible slicing & grating disc. Meanwhile, no difficulty or hassle to clean off the dishwasher safe parts.


  • Personalized act, manual programs.
  • Superb action with quality material.
  • Even blending gives perfect shakes.
  • Incredibly powerful motor for the base.
  • Quick blasting through frozen foods.
  • Larger size provides higher capacity.
  • Dishwasher safe, no BPA presence.


  • Leakage through lid may occur.
  • Great size, larger space demand.
  • Cleaning blades seems difficult.

5. Hamilton Beach Sound-Shield Blender

Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender

No more humming noise to wake up the entire house/neighborhood in the early morning. Hamilton Beach brings in one specific design for an effective sound reduction.

In fact, the Quiet Blend technique features a double-piece hinged shield. Like all the commercial models, the noise remains low even with frozen ingredients.

The powerful motor integrated three customizable speed settings. Its pulsing feature allows consistent perfection while maintaining the blending speed.

Apart from the stainless steel blade, the best blender for protein shakes includes a glass jar. No doubt, the solid thick glass with a hefty built is sure to impress you.

Offering a large containing capacity, the construction is dishwasher safe regarding easy cleanup. In fact, the system lets you access all sides from inside out.

Features & Benefits of Hamilton Beach

Noise Reducing Assembly

Skip the harsh mechanical sound to wake up everyone around. The system features a functional Quiet Blend technology, just like the commercial ones.

Through 4 targeted areas, the design reduces noise generation. Thanks to its 2-piece shield, 55% less noise will occur while blending.

Excellent Motor Power

With standard power, it’s indeed one great addition to the kitchen. In fact, the powering motor comes with a reasonable 950 Watt rating.

Its convenient power triggers a gentle yet effective blending action. Apart from protein shakes, it easily handles frozen veggies & fruits.

Reasonable Size and Capacity

Having a moderate size, the assembly fits under your kitchen counter. Obviously, you can introduce a countertop mainstay that fits under standard cabinets.

Speaking of capacity, the blending jar can take a maximum of 52 oz. In addition, both the pour spout & lid are completely spout-free.

Fully Functional Control

Using the integrated settings, you can make suitable customization. Not to mention, the blender includes three different speed options for ultimate control.

A combined act of Multi Blend jar with blade induces excellent versatility for different items. The additional pulsing function lets you create a personalized action.

Incredibly Simple Cleaning

The design features a hinged system to ease the cleaning process. You can enjoy both easy accessibility & removal of sound shield here.

The glass beaker is dishwasher safe, allowing simple cleanup. Overall assembly & disassembly remains quite straightforward.


  • Perfect size fits standard cabinets.
  • Superb control over functionality.
  • Premium & luxurious glass for a jar.
  • Sufficient power for the built-in motor.
  • Incredibly quiet, easy accessibility.
  • Removable, 2-piece sound shield.
  • Easy maintenance, hinged design.


  • Jar size seems a bit large.
  • Careful use with glass a jar.
  • Unsuitable for a heavy job.

Buyer’s Guide

best blenders for protein shakes

It’s obvious that certain factors will induce further performance & satisfaction. Regarding a successful purchase, the investment requires detailed attention.

For buying the best blender for milkshakes, you better consider the following key criteria.


nutribullet extractor blade

For low-budget models, the integrated blade has a greater impact on overall functionality. It’s important to emphasize the blade material. Even higher power & flawless action can barely do anything with dull blades.

You should choose a multiple blade system for optimum performance. Blade placement through a proper connection is also important for clean off the stuck residuals.

In fact, poorly made blades will increase electricity consumption. The best option available is stainless steel. Holding the edge sharpness, they can induce long-lasting service. Some high-end models feature Teflon coating to resist scratches.


ninja bl770

It’s indeed the ultimate platform to hold, active & runs the system. The quality can either make or break your overall expectancy in no time. Apart from the material itself, the shape plays a good role here.

Speaking of material, plastic prevails for common, cheap ones. With a higher stress holding capacity, it ensures enhanced lifespan. Although glass imparts premium appeal, you’ll have to go for careful use every time.

The most common style comes in a circular shape. But you can find squares & even rounded rectangles. Though, the latter model pushes the ingredients towards its blade, resulting in further blending.


The functioning power directly concerns the rated Wattage. Not to mention, higher Wattage gives more power to induce faster-blending action.

It’s not exactly the most important attribute for protein shakes. You have to ensure blade & container first. But for multifunctional blenders, it has its significance. Without considerable power, you can barely attain breakage of frozen, icy, tough fruits & veggies.

There comes no strict regulation to prefer particular Wattage. For frequent protein shakes, 500 – 1000 Watt seems okay. Other kitchens may require more additional power, depending on several factors.


Bigger sizes can barely impart better quality. When you need a blender strictly for protein shakes, you don’t need to attend the volume precisely.

Protein shakes are obviously for a single individual, requiring no large capacity. With standard cup sizes, you can definitely satisfy your daily needs.

But as it happens, it’s important when you also blend other items for the family. The number of included cups is one good measure to determine the available volume.

For making salsa, soups, smoothies, sauces, or margaritas, you’ll have to go for greater capacity.


The blending system involves mechanical parts with automated running action. In general, such devices can suffer malfunction, breakdown, or other issues.

If you face any of these difficulties after the warranty period you can fix it.

That’s where you’ll need a reasonable warranty from its seller or manufacturer. You need to go for an honest, sufficient timeframe here.

When it comes to the buying process, you should take the warranty into account. It’s the essential factor to cover your investment while saving time, effort & money.

Final Words

It is amazing to see you till the end! And I am sure that you have already got your desired product.

You know the best blender for protein shakes can facilitate the consistent delivery of nutrients effortlessly. It should get easy to understand the provided insight by now.

And concerning the budget, you can make a winning choice from the ones mentioned above. Matching the needs will let you find the most suitable blender for your protein shakes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How noisy are the blenders?

The noise depends on power & blender material. Considering average blenders, the level is about 88 dB. But cheap & powerful ones produce noisier sound.

2. What is the best way to crush ice?

The best way particularly depends on user preference. Apart from blending, you can use either smashing or muddling.

3. Is it safe to put ice cubes in a blender?

To retain functionality, it’s recommended to avoid ice cubes. Go through the manual to ensure the exact restriction. But using 1000 Watt power can safely crush ices.

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